Beer & Wine

Our inventory changes quite frequently. What we have on-hand and available may not be what is listed here. Please ask your server for a current list. If you don't see your favorite beer, wine or pre-made cocktail ask us and we will see if we can stock it!

Wine by the glass

Salmon Creek Pinot Noir 

Salmon Creek Cabernet Sauvignon 

Salmon Creek Chardonnay 

Salmon Creek Pinot Grigio 

Piquitos Moscato 

Draft Beer


Bud Light 

Coors Light 

Michelob Ultra 

Henry’s Fork IPA 


Beer Bottle or Can

Blue Moon 


Bud Light 

Bud Zero* 

Coors Light 

Coors Stubby 


Dos Equis Amber 

Dos Equis Lager

Estrella Jalisco 

Michelob Amberbock 

Michelob Ultra 

Modelo Especial

Wine by the bottle

Piquitos Moscato 

Tropical Mango Moscato 

Tropical Grapefruit Moscato 

Tropical Passion Fruit Moscato 

Tropical Strawberry Moscato 

Llama Malbec 

Broadside Merlot 

Twin Vines Vino Verde 

Misty Cove Sauvignon Blank 

New Age Rose 

Craft Beer Can

Big Sky Slow Elk 

Elysian Space Dust IPA 

Iron Horse Irish Death 

Back Country Scottish Ale 

Teton 208 

Teton Amber Ale 

Teton Sweetgrass Pale Ale 

Mixed Cocktails, Teas and Hard Seltzers

Angry Orchard Crisp 

Cayman Jack Mojito 

Cayman Jack Margarita

Cutwater Spicy Bloody Mary

Cutwater Long Island Ice Tea 

Cutwater Rum and Cola 

Cutwater Rum Mai Tai 

Cutwater Vodka Mule 

Cutwater White Russian

Smirnoff Screwdriver 

Twisted Tea Half & Half 

Twisted Tea Raspberry 

Twisted Tea Regular 

Twisted Tea Peach 

Vizzy Variety 

White Claw Variety